Computer, Technology & Network Repair

Unfortunately, problems can arise on even the best maintained equipment. IT Pros is happy to resolve issues with existing technology that has stopped working for whatever the reason. Our number one goal is to address your needs and resolve the problem in one service visit. We make sure we have tools and conventional inventory items on each vehicle to solve common issues. Another important aspect of our break/fix resolution is documentation. How often do you find that the information needed to resolve an issue is in someone else’s head? Our custom system allows us so record and store data such as what steps were used when a device was installed, notes linked to device /user/service provider, device serial numbers, expiration dates, etc. in a safe, secure place making sure we always have the information when needed. By having a rotating on-call schedule, IT Pros is equipped to have a technician available after hours when a revenue impacting issue surfaces. This allows us to address something at night that might otherwise cause downtime the next morning.


175 Rogers Commerce Blvd.
PO Box 160426
Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Phone: 864.574.3522
Fax: 864.345.1218


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